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Galápagos Cruises

The natural history of these islands is eminently curious, and well deserves attention. Most of the organic productions are aboriginal creations, found nowhere else ... the archipelago is a little world within itself.

- Charles Darwin
The Voyage of the Beagle (1839)

Experience the splendor of the islands to the fullest with seven nights of exploration on board the comfortable and intimate adventure ship 'Eclipse'. This option, like all A&K departures on board ‘Eclipse,’ features shore excursions to the islands led by 'Eclipse's' incomparable naturalist guides, as well as numerous shipboard activities. What's more, A&K now offers a selection of two seven-day routes, timed to maximize sightseeing and interactions based on wildlife behaviors and minimize your journey's effect on the local ecology. Select escorted departures feature seven nights on board 'Eclipse' and your choice of these two routes. You may also customize a Tailor Made journey. Note that the ‘Eclipse’ will be rebranded to ‘Xperience’ beginning with March 2017 departures.

Other Ways to Explore the Galápagos with A&K:

Five-Night Cruise on Board 'Eclipse'

A shorter but still enriching cruise that includes the highlights of most of the islands, while permitting time for exploration in Ecuador, Peru or other nearby destinations. Enjoy five memorable 'Eclipse' nights on a Tailor Made journey.

Three- to Five-Night Independent Cruise

An ideal component to a longer Latin American journey, this option allows for a satisfying introduction to the islands' ecosystems in a shorter time. A variety of ships offer shorter cruises in the Galápagos, from intimate six-cabin yachts to 50-cabin cruising vessels. Contact A&K or your travel professional to arrange a Tailor Made journey.

Land-Based Itinerary

The islands include many hotels, which offer day trips (guided by local or hotel staff guides) to points of interest throughout the archipelago. A&K can arrange a Tailor Made Galápagos land program for you; contact us or speak to your travel professional.

Family Holidays

While all A&K Family Holidays are designed with the family in mind - taking place when children are out of school and including mostly three-night stays to minimize packing and unpacking - child-friendly departures to the Galápagos feature outstanding perks and activities. A dedicated, seasoned Children's Activity Coordinator organizes a full-range of on-board and on-shore activities throughout the journey, such as stargazing, Spanish lessons, art classes, wildlife safaris and scavenger hunts.

Contact your travel professional or a Destination Specialist at Abercrombie & Kent to start planning the perfect Galápagos journey for you.

Galápagos Islands Sunset

Your Guides to the Galápagos

A first-rate naturalist guide is essential for getting the most from your Galápagos visit.

Javier Cando

Javier Cando

Javier was born and raised on a ranch on Santa Cruz Island in the Galápagos. His early interest in the islands' fragility turned into a lifelong passion and career choice. Javier obtained his naturalist guide license in 1992; he is also a certified dive master.

Cristina Rivadeneira

Cristina Rivadeneira

Cristina was born in Quito and first visited the Galápagos at age 11. A certified naturalist guide fluent in English, German and French, she has led tours in the Galápagos since 1996. Her hobbies include scuba diving, bird watching and sea kayaking.

Magdalena Cruz

Magdalena Cruz

As a third-generation Galápagos resident, Magdalena has grown up with respect for the islands and what they have to offer the world. In addition to becoming certified as a naturalist guide in 1994, she obtained a degree as an engineer in tourist management and environment from the University in Quito.

Karina López

Karina Lopez

Karina López has lived in San Cristóbal for more than two decades. Her passion for nature led her to become a certified national park naturalist in 1999. In 2001 she became certified as a dive master naturalist for the Marine Reserve of Galapagos. She particularly enjoys sharing the wonders of nature, particularly her love of bird-watching, with her groups.